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Betico Bush-cricket
Apmhiestris baetica

Roy Kleukers

Workshop European Red List Orthoptera

Roy Kleukers - 14 April 2013
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From 11 to 13 april the Orthoptera Specialist Group of the IUCN had a workshop on the redlisting of European Orthoptera in Leiden. A total of 13 orthopterists from all over Europe learned the rules for assessing species, assisted by Rebecca Miller of the IUCN. Until now about 100 of the 1000 European are assessed.

From left to right: Pedro Cordero, Luc Willemse, Rebecca Miller (IUCN), Stane Gomboc, Baudewijn Odé, Josip Skejo, Axel Hochkirch, Roy Kleukers, Dragan Chobanov, Gergely Szövényi, Michael Sergeev, Klaus-Gerhard Heller, Mark Bushell, Paolo Fontana.

The workshop has laid a good basis for assessing the whole European Orthoptera fauna in the coming years. This will greatly help in protecting our most endangered species.