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Black-spotted Toothed Grasshopper
Stenobothrus nigromaculatus

Pavel Marhoul

European Congress on Orthoptera Conservation (ECOCIII) 1-2 April 2022

The third European Congress on Orthoptera Conservation (ECOC III) and 16th Annual Conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orthopterologie (DGfO) has taken place on 1-2 April, in Naturalis, Leiden (the Netherlands). In total 138 participants from 31 countries have registered for this event. Here are some useful links:

Presentations on youtube

Pdf of the program book


Selection of photos 

Booklet grasshoppers of Europe




For those arriving by plane at Schiphol Airport, the best way to travel to Leiden is by train. There are regular trains leaving from platform 5 or 6 at Schiphol to Leiden Central Station. The trip takes between 15 and 25 minutes and a single fare costs about € 7,-. For the departure times of the trains please check here; information on obtaining tickets is provided here. For other transport from Schiphol Airport to Leiden see here; and for taxis here. Those coming by car, Naturalis has two parking areas next to the building. Parking will be free for participants (parking coins for leaving the parking will be provided by the organisation). 


The congress will be hosted by Naturalis Biodiversity Center (Darwinweg 2, Leiden). The meeting will be held in the Auditorium hall in Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Naturalis is a 10 minutes walk from Leiden Central Station (Leiden CS, exit west hospital LUMC). The front entrance of Naturalis is closed until 10 AM so  in the early morning you have to use the back entrance.  You have free access to the exhibitions of Naturalis, showing your badge. 

The evening program (drinks, diner) both on 31st March and 1st April will be held at Restaurant Loetje, Hooigracht 23, Leiden, a 20 minutes walk from Leiden Central Station. Walking route is shown here.  


All Covid restrictions have been lifted in the Netherlands. However, the number of infections is still high and you can still get infected. We therefore recommend to stay careful during the congress. If you have medical complaints, take a self test (you will find one in your welcome bag) and if you are positive, do not come to the venue. 

The program of the congress has been fixed and published below. The congress is organized as a hybrid meeting, allowing for both physical as online presentations. The meeting will be live streamed on the youtube channel of EIS Kenniscentrum Insecten. A specific link to the live stream will be mailed to all participants in the days before the congress. As the hybrid setup poses some logistical challenges, we ask all presenters to send us their presentations beforehand. The presentations will be recorded and made available on the same youtube channel 


Sign up
Those attending the meeting in person can sign up upon arrival at the icebreaker at Loetje on March 31 or upon arrival at Naturalis, in April 1 and 2. During sign up you’ll receive a name badge and welcome bag including the booklet with the program and abstracts.


Book tables
There will be some tables in the auditorium for selling books or sharing free publications and flyers. In case you intend to make use of this option it helps if you could let the organisation know beforehand by sending a mail to


In 2020 the booklet “Grasshopper Conservation in Europe” was prepared. The pdf can be downloaded here. Participants who have not yet received a hardcopy can obtain one when signing up for the congress. 


In case you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us via mail (



Thursday 31 March

18.00-22.00: Icebreaker - registration, drinks and diner at

Restaurant Loetje, Hooigracht 23, Leiden; 071-5122444


The name of the presenter is underlined.

Friday 1 April 

08.00: registration

09.00: Welcome by the Organizing committee: Luc Willemse


Chairman: Luc Willemse

09.10 Thomas Fartmann: Orthoptera conservation in times of global change – a Central European perspective.

09.45 Roy Kleukers: History of Orthoptera study in the Netherlands.

10.00 Sophie Ogan: Population status and trends of Orthoptera in Rhineland Palatinate.

10.15 Jeroen van Leeuwen & Rob Felix: The Western Saddle Bush-cricket (Ephippiger diurnus) in the Netherlands: occurrence, decline and recovery


10.30 Coffee break


11.00 Szymon Czyżewski, Przemysław Żurawlew, Ryszard Orzechowski, Seweryn Grobelny, Michał Brodacki, Marcin Kutera, Paweł Radzikowski: The Orthoptera distribution atlas of Poland, achievements and perspectives

11.15 Giacomo Ortis , G. Cavaletto, L. Marini & L. Mazzon: Increasing temperatures affect multi-year life cycle of the outbreak bush-cricket Barbitistes vicetinus (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae)

11.30 Paweł Radzikowski & Jarosław Stalenga: How the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) affects Orthoptera diversity in Poland

11.45 Nefeli Kotitsa, Apostolos Trichas & Moisis Mylonas: The Orthopteran fauna of Crete: new data and a preliminary biogeographical analysis

12.00 Oliver Hawlitschek, Edgardo Ortiz Valencia & Ricardo Pereira: Phylogenomics of Acrididae (Insecta: Orthoptera): more genes, more resolution?

            12.15 Jaap Bouwman: Using DNA metabarcoding in unravelling grasshopper diet


12.30 Group photo and lunch break

Chairman: Axel Hochkirch

14.00 Anton Krištín, Ľudmila Černecká & Benjamin Jarčuška: Review of distribution of two expansive Phaneroptera species (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) with case study from Slovakia

14.15 Soňa Nuhlíčková, Ján Svetlík, Anton Krištín, Benjamín Jarčuška, Ľudmila Černecká, Peter Kaňuch, Mária Šibíková, Jozef Šibík, Ivan Jarolímek, Milan Valachovič & Róbert Šuvada: Distribution and ecology of the endemic bush-cricket Isophya beybienkoi: preliminary results

14.30 Lisbeth Zechner, Claire Pernollet & Axel Wolff: LIFE SOS Crau Grasshopper: adaptive habitat management, breeding and reintroduction programme

14.45 Gergely Szövényi & Nagy Barnabás (†): Balkan pincer grasshopper (Paracaloptenus caloptenoides) in Hungary - history, conservation status and future prospects

15.00 Filippo Maria Buzzetti: The conservation of Zeuneriana marmorata in Italy: past present and future

15.15 Luc Willemse: Recent Orthoptera discoveries from Greece


15.30 Coffee break

16.00 Axel Hochkirch: Rediscovery of two ‘Possibly Extinct’ Orthoptera species on Gran Canaria

16.15 Landmann Armin: Grasshoppers on dynamic riverbanks of the Alps: actual status, threats and conservation prospects

16.30 Florian Rech, Nijat Narimanov, Tobias Bauer & Jens Schirmel: Urbanisation effects on morphological and behavioral traits of a common grasshopper

16.45 Sebastian König: Biotic homogenization of Orthoptera assemblages in the Hassberge and resource specialisation along a temperature gradient


17.00-18.30: general assembly of the DGfO

19.00-22.30: drinks, dinner and pubquiz at
Restaurant Loetje, Hooigracht 23, Leiden; 071-5122444


Saturday April 2 

08.00: registration


Chairman: Baudewijn Odé

09.00 Vasiliki Kati: Orthoptera under the context of European nature conservation policy: the case of Chorthippus lacustris

09.30 Dragan Petrov Chobanov, Ionuţ Ştefan Iorgu, Slobodan Ivković & Simeon Borissov: Genetic diversity of model steppe species in the Balkans: ecological adaptations and recent expansion of the Poecilimon brunneri complex

09.45 Thomas Zuna-Kratky, Thomas Holzer & Georg Bieringer: Evaluation of the Austrian agri-environmental scheme using grasshoppers as indicators

10.00 Michelle Lemonnier-Darcemont: Strategic conservation plan for the Albanian species, Peripodisma ceraunii [ONLINE]
See also this movie

10.15 Simeon B. Borissov & Dragan P. Chobanov: New records of Orthoptera from Bulgaria with focus on the steppe inhabitants


10.30 Coffee break

11.00 Rowan Edwards: Field Cricket & Wartbiter in the UK [ONLINE]

11.15 Ionut Stefan Iorgu, Thomas Stalling, Dragan Chobanov, Gellért Puskás, Gergely Szövényi, Elena Iulia Iorgu: Crickets and their secrets: Myrmecophilus acervorum is not always parthenogenetic [ONLINE]

11.30 Lara-Sophie Dey: Not only climate change - decline and extinction of the Speckled Buzzing Grasshopper (Bryodemella tuberculata) in Central Europe [ONLINE]

11.45 Karim Vahed, Holly Turner, Rose Poston-Saynor & Jon Hudson: Monitoring the Atlantic beach-cricket, Pseudomogoplistes vicentae, populations in the UK [ONLINE]

12.00 Matthias Dolek: A governmentally funded grasshopper monitoring scheme in Baden-Württemberg – methods, perspectives and first results [ONLINE]

12.15 Philipp Kirschner, Karim Vahed & Petra Kranebitter: Diversification dynamics in the alpine bushcricket genus Anonconotus Camerano, 1878 [ONLINE]


12.30 Lunch break

chairman: Roy Kleukers

14.00 Baudewijn Odé: Grasshopper sounds on Xeno-Canto

14.15 Dan Stowell: Orthopteran species sound classification using deep learning with small data

14.30 David Bennett: Effect of landscape structure on the presence of Orthoptera in Schleswig Holstein, Germany : bioacoustic surveying with Audiomoth and machine learning classification

14.45 Josip Skejo, Antun Jelinčić, Karmela Adžić, Maks Deranja, Marko Pavlović, Maja Mihaljević, Amira Aquilah Muhammad & Fran Rebrina: Biogeography of the Adriatic Orthoptera [ONLINE]


15.00 Coffee break


15.30 Apostolis Stefanidis: Orthoptera diversity patterns on Mitsikeli Mountain

15.45 Özgül Yahyaoğlu, Onur Uluar & Battal Çıplak: Conserving one of the 100 amazing species: The Beydaglari bushcricket Psorodonotus ebneri [ONLINE]

16.00 Fran Rebrina, Marko Pavlović, Karmela Adžić, Maks Deranja, Nikola Tvrtković, Josip Skejo: Towards the Red Book of Croatian grasshoppers and crickets [ONLINE]

16.15 Klaus Riede: European collections and their significance for global Orthoptera taxonomy and conservation [ONLINE]

16.30 Closing remarks



The names of participants present in Leiden are underlined.

1. Altanchimeg Dorjsuren: Grasshoppers (Acridoidea) in Mongolia

2. Inge Illich & Thomas Zuna-Kratky: Population dynamics of an alpine grasshopper (Orthoptera) community in the Hohe Tauern (Central Alps, Austria) over 30 years and the effects of climate warming and grazing

3. Márk László, Júlia Somogyi & Gergely Szövényi : Population size and habitat use of the Large Banded Grasshopper (Arcyptera fusca) in Hungary – first steps of a regional conservation project

4. Máté Borbás, Gellért Puskás & Gergely Szövényi: Orthoptera fauna of Southwest Herzegovina and its conservational evaluation

5. Varvara Noutsou, Konstantina Nasiou, Apostolos Stefanidis, Panagiotis Nitas, Katerina Chiotelli, Olga Tzortzakaki & Vassiliki Kati: Saving the last dance: conservation actions for the Epirus grasshopper Chorthippus lacustris

6. Marko Pavlović, Lara Božičević, Karmela Adžić, Maks Deranja, Damjan Franjević & Josip Skejo: Threatened Tetrigids online: Assessing pygmy rainforests before they are gone

7. Gellért Puskás, Márk László & Gergely Szövényi : Horticulture spread Mediterranean insects in Hungary (Orthoptera, Mantodea, Blattodea)

8. Paweł Radzikowski & Jarosław Stalenga: Effect of agroforestry on diversity of insects in organic arable crops

9. Paweł Radzikowski & Jarosław Stalenga: Abundance and diversity of Orthoptera in organic arable crops

10. Lisa Reiss & Axel Hochkirch: Hidden in forests, a new project on habitat management for Barbitistes serricauda

11. Howon Rhee: The ugly duckling in the laboratory: A high percentage of brown colour Tettigonia viridissima when reared in the laboratory

12. Michael Sergeev: Patterns of rare orthopteran species over Eurasian steppes