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Nemobius sylvestris

Roy Kleukers


The Orthoptera of Europe (OoE) aims at professional and amateur researchers of European Orthoptera, nature photographers.  It answers the following questions:

  • Which species of Orthoptera occur in Europe?
    • The scientific names of all 1000+ Europan species are presented in a taxonomic tree, derived from Fauna Europaea. Some important synoyms are included. The taxonomy will be regularly updated.
  • What do the species look like?
    • For this cause photo's of as many species as possible are included. Everyone is invited to contribute.
  • What do the species sound like?
    • The sounds as well  sound diagrams are presented.
  • What is the distribution of the species? 
    • For the moment a rough idea of the distribution is presented with a link to the map of Fauna Europaea (country distribution). For some species local maps are presented.