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Curve-tailed Plump Bush-cricket
Isophya camptoxypha

Ionut Iorgu

Two new Metrioptera species for Romania

Roy Kleukers - 29 August 2011
Metrioptera amplipennis, male, from Cernavoda, Romania. Note the curiously shaped cerci. Photo Ionut Iorgu.
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Two new species of Metrioptera are reported from Romania: M. amplipennis and M. oblongicollis . The first is a very rare species, which is found on the shores of the Danube river. The morphology and song of both species are described and a key to the Metrioptera species of Romania is provided.


Source: Iorgu, I.Ş. 2011. Metrioptera amplipennis and Metrioptera oblongicollis (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae): two new bush-crickets for Romanian fauna. North-Western Journal of Zoology 7 (2).