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Red-legged grasshopper
Arcyptera tornosi

Roy Kleukers

Thijs Duijm 1920-2013

Roy Kleukers - 4 November 2013
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After a long and rich life the Dutch lecturer in zoology and orthopterist Thijs Duijm has passed away on October 28. He founded the Dutch research on behaviour and bioacoustics of Orthoptera. His field guide (Duijm & Kruseman 1983) has been at the start of a successful and life-long commitment to Orthoptera for many Dutch orthopterists.

He published several papers on the taxonomy of the genus Ephippiger in Europe. He left a large collection of European sound recordings, made both in the field as in the laboratory during ethological experiments. At this very moment his recordings are being prepared for disclosure. We will miss Thijs as a warm and modest, yet passionate colleague orthopterist.

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