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Black-spotted Toothed Grasshopper
Stenobothrus nigromaculatus

Pavel Marhoul

Six new species to Portugal

Roy Kleukers - 28 June 2016
The finding of Tetrix bipunctata in Alvao NP is only the second confirmed record of this species on the Iberian Peninsula.
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Recent research has yielded six species of Orthoptera new to the Portuguese fauna: Cyrtaspis tuberculata, Natula averni, Oecanthus dulcisonans, Pteronemobius heydenii, Tetrix bipunctata and Stenobothrus grammicus. Furthermore the first documented records of Stenobothrus bolivarii and Omocestus viridulus kaestneri are presented, along with new records of some rare species.


Lemos, P., K. Lock, B. Odé & R. Kleukers 2016. Six orthoptera species new to the fauna of Portugal (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae, Gryllidae, Tetrigidae, Acrididae). Boletín de la Sociedad Entomológica Aragonesa 58: 115-122. A pdf can be obtained at