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Red-legged grasshopper
Arcyptera tornosi

Roy Kleukers

Revision of Sphingonotus translated

Roy Kleukers - 14 November 2011
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In the latest volume of Matériaux Orthoptériques et Entomocénotiques the paper of Benediktov (2009, Travaux de la Société russe d’entomologie 80: 21-33) has been translated in French. This makes important research results on the difficult genus Sphingonotus available for western European researchers. Benediktov erects a new subgenus ( Parasphingonotus ) and Neosphingonotus is downgraded from genus to subgenus.

Source: Benediktov, A.A. 2011. Taxonomie et bioacoustique des criquets du genre Sphingonotus Fieber, 1852 (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Oedipodinae). Matériaux Orthoptériques et Entomocénotiques 16: 5-15.