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Splendid Bush-Cricket
Andreiniimon nuptialis

Matjaž Bedjanič

Revision of the Poecilimon hamatus group

Roy Kleukers - 14 November 2011
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In this paper the new subgenus Hamatopoecilimon is erected. This group consists of Poecilomon hamatus and related species, the most basal group within Poecilimon. The species included in this group are: P. hamatus, P. paros, P. klausgerhardi, P. deplanatus, P. ikariensis and P. unispinosus. The morphology and bioacoustics of these species are treated.


Source: Heller, K.-G., L. Willemse, B. Odé, M. Volleth, R. Feist & K. Reinhold 2011. Bioacoustics and systematics of the Poecilimon hamatus group (Tettigonioidea: Phaneropteridae: Poecilimon : Hamatopoecilimon n. subg.). Journal of Orthoptera Research 20: 81-95.