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Transylvanian Plump Grasshopper
Podismopis transsylvanica

Ionut Iorgu

Revision Eupholidoptera Balkan and Italy

Roy Kleukers - 5 November 2013
Eupholidoptera schmidtii, recently synonymised with E. chabrieri, is now re-instated as a valid species.
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The status of the different taxa of Eupholidoptera in southern Europe is much discussed. In the past many taxa were recognised in Italy and the Balkan. According to Ciplak et al. (2010) only two species occur in the western mediterrenean area. In this new study morphological data were combined with DNA-work. The authors re-instate most formerly recognised taxa and E. tyrrhenica is described as a new species from Corsica.


Source: Allegrucci, G., B. Massa, A. Trassatti & V. Sbordoni 2013. A taxonomic revision of western Eupholidoptera bush crickets (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae): testing the discrimination power of DNA barcode. Systematic Entomology (2013), DOI: 10.1111/syen.12031