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Peripodisma llofizii

Michèle Lemmonier-Darcemont

Review Balkan Isophya

Roy Kleukers - 23 May 2013
Male of the new subspecies Isophya rhodopensis leonorae.
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In this major work the Balkan species of Isophya are critically reviewed, with a revision of the modesta -group. Isophya leonorae and I. petkovi are  placed as subspecies to I. rhodopensis .  Furthermore five new synonymies are established.  In the new list 21 species are recognised to occur on the Balkans. A key, tables, bioacoustic information and many illustrations are provided for identification purposes and for all species a distribution map is presented.


Source: D.P. Chobanov, B. Grzywacz, I. Ş. Iorgu, B. Ciplak, M.B. Llieva & E. Warchałowska-Sliwa 2013. Review of the Balkan Isophya (Orthoptera: Phaneropteridae) with particular emphasis on the Isophya modesta group and remarks on the systematics of the genus based on morphological and acoustic data. Zootaxa 3658: 001-081.  Preview: