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Black-spotted Toothed Grasshopper
Stenobothrus nigromaculatus

Pavel Marhoul

Red list of Macedonia

Roy Kleukers - 30 April 2015
Paracinema tricolor is one of the four species classified as Endangered.
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Recently a red list of the Orthoptera of Macedonia was compiled, according to the guidelines of the IUCN. Of the 175 taxa 17 are considered to be threatened, of which Bradyporus macrogaster macrogaster is classified as Critically Endangered, Saga pedo, Bradyporus oniscus, Paracinema tricolor and Stethophyma grossum as Endangered.

Lemonnier-Darcemont, M., D. Chobanov & V. Krpac 2014. Red list of Orthoptera of the Republic of Macedonia. Ecologie la Terre et la Vie 69: 151-158.