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Macedonian Walking Bush-cricket
Psorodonotus fieberi macedonicus

Michéle Lemonnier-Darcemont

Pseudomogoplistes vicentae on the Spanish mainland

Roy Kleukers - 15 February 2019
Pseudomogoplistes vicentae, female, from Spain
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In 2018 a population of Pseudomogoplistes vicentae was found in Asturias, northern Spain. This is the first record of the Spanish mainland. It was not surprising as the species is present in Portugal and France. This small cricket is characteristic of rocky beaches and can probably be found at much more localities on the Spanish coast.


Kleukers, R., B. Odé & L. Willemse 2018. First record of the Atlantic Beach-cricket Pseudomogoplistes vicentae on the Spanish mainland. Articulata 33: 131-134.