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Large Tree-cricket
Oecanthus dulcisonans

Roy Kleukers

Photo's for more than 200 species

Roy Kleukers - 30 September 2009
Onconotus servillei , female. Photo Ionut Iorgu.
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In the past few weeks many photo's have been added to the website. In total 25 photographers have contributed with major recent additions by Gilles San Martin, Paul van Hoof and Ionut Iorgu.

Ionut Giorgu has provided photo's of many Romanian species, among which spectacular bush-crickets like Onconotus servillei , Gampsocleis schelkovnikovae and Pholidoptera frivaldskyi. Also take a look at the interesting series on development of Chorthippus brunneus by Gilles San Martin.

Detail of the egg of Chorthippus brunneus . Photo Gilles San Martin.

People who want to contribute pictures can contact Roy Kleukers at .