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Splendid Bush-Cricket
Andreiniimon nuptialis

Matjaž Bedjanič

A new subspecies of Isophya kraussii

Roy Kleukers - 18 April 2013
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Recent investigations have confirmed the presence of Isophya kraussi in the Carpathian mountains. Based on acoustic analysis and morphological characters, the populations from NE Romania are considered to belong to a different subspecies, I. kraussii moldavica .

Records of Isophya kraussi. Black dots: Isophya kraussii kraussii ; white dots: I. kraussii moldavica , triangles: records of I. pyrenaea (most probably I. kraussii ).

Iorgu, I.S. & K.G. Heller 2013. The bush-cricket Isophya kraussii (Orthoptera: Phaneropteridae): bioacoustics, distribution and description of a new subspecies from Romania. Zootaxa 3640 (2): 258–269.