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Dented groundhopper
Tetrix depressa

Ruben Foquet

A new, mute Nemobius from Spain

Roy Kleukers - 26 November 2013
Nemobius interstitialis , male and female.
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In Guadarrama mountains (Madrid, Spain) a new species of cricket was found: Nemobius interstitialis . It lives mainly underground and was caught with special traps. It is closely related to Nemobius sylvestris, and can be distinguished by the absence of a tympanum in the outer margin of the foreleg tibiae and a peculiar design of venation of the forewing of the male.


Source: Barranco, P.J.D. Gilgado & V.M. Ortuño 2013. A new mute species of the genus Nemobius Serville (Orthoptera, Gryllidae, Nemobiinae) discovered in colluvial, stony debris in the Iberian Peninsula: A biological, phenological and biometric study. Zootaxa 3691 (2): 201–219.