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Red-legged grasshopper
Chorthippus binotatus

Roy Kleukers

A new Isophya species from Romania

Roy Kleukers - 16 November 2010
Isophya sicula , female.
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Recently a new Isophya species was discovered in Harghita Bâi, Romania: I. sicula . The species is morphologically similar to I. posthumoidalis and I. camptoxypha , but the male calling song is different. In this Zootaxa paper the species is described, with an extensive treatment of the different songs.


Source: K.M. Orci, G. Szövényi & B. Nagy 2010. Isophya sicula sp. n. (Orthoptera: Tettigonioidea), a new, morphologically cryptic bush-cricket species from the Eastern Carpathians (Romania) recognized from its peculiar male calling song. Zootaxa 2627: 57-68.

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