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Peripodisma llofizii

Michèle Lemmonier-Darcemont

New from Greece: Rhacocleis andikithirensis

Roy Kleukers - 22 July 2016
Rhacocleis andikithirensis, male
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On the islet of Andikithira a new species of the genus Rhacocleis was discovered: R. andikithirensis. Later it was discovered on other islands in western Cyclades. The morphology and bioacoustics are described and compared to related species of the genus. Rhacocleis andikithirensis can be recognized especially by the shape of the cercus and titillators of the male, shape of the subgenital plate of the female and the song.


<p>Tilmans , J., B. . Odé &amp; L. Willemse 2016. <em>Rhacocleis andikithirensis</em> a new bush-cricket from Greece (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Tettigoniinae). Journal of Orthoptera Research 25: 25-38.<br></p&gt;