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Nemobius sylvestris

Roy Kleukers

New checklist Macedonia

Roy Kleukers - 6 August 2010
Pholidoptera frivaldskyi, one of the eight new species on the Macedonian list. Photo Roy Kleukers.
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Recently a critical checklist was published on the Orthoptera of Macedonia. The authors studied the collection of the natural history museum in Skopje, the literature and included some own records. The were able to add 8 taxa and remove 27 taxa form the list, leaving a total of 167 known species form Macedonia.

Source: Chobanov, D.P. & B. Mihajlova 2010. Orthoptera and Mantodea in the collection of the Macedonian Museum of Natural History (Skopje) with an annotated check-list of the groups in Macedonia. Articulata 25: 73-107.