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Curve-tailed Plump Bush-cricket
Isophya camptoxypha

Ionut Iorgu

New atlas Niedersachsen

Roy Kleukers - 26 February 2011
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Recently a new atlas on the Orthoptera of Niedersachsen has been published. Niedersachsen, one of the northernmost regions in Germany, is surely one of the best investigated areas of Europa concerning Orthoptera. This shows clearly in the maps, which are densely covered with dots for the more common species.

Some space has been reserved for the changes in the Orthoptera fauna. Many trends in other parts of northwestern Europe are confirmed here: the expansion of species like Phaneroptera falcata, Conocephalus fuscus and Chrysochraon dispar. The range expansion of this last species is especially well documented in a separate paragraph.

Source: Grein, G. 2010. Fauna der Heuschrecken (Ensifera & Caelifera) in Niedersachsen. Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege in Niedersachsen 46: 1-83. ISSN 09 33-12 47. Price 20 euro (excl. shipping cost). To be ordered at: