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Nemobius sylvestris

Roy Kleukers

In memoriam Alex Tatu

Roy Kleukers - 6 November 2014
Photo: Ionuț Iorgu
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Recently an In Memoriam was published on Alex Tatu, who passed away in July 2013, on the age of 22. Alex was a promising young orthopterist, who just started publishing on the romanian grasshopper fauna, together with Ionuț and Elena Iorgu and Ioan Tăușan. He pased away after an accident during a hiking trip in the Tarcu Mountains. 


Source: I. Tăușan & I. Ș. Iorgu 2014.  In Memoriam - Alexandru Ioan Tatu (19.12.1991 - 30.07.2013). Brukenthal. Acta Musei 9(3): 609-610.