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Betico Bush-cricket
Apmhiestris baetica

Roy Kleukers

Major revision of the Orthoptera list of Bulgaria

Roy Kleukers - 24 October 2009
Platycleis nigrosignata, one of the new species for Bulgaria. Photo Ionut Iorgu.
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Dragan Chobanov presents an overview of changes in the Orthoptera list of Bulgaria in a recently published volume of Articulata. He adds nine species and one subspecies, among which Isophya pavelii (with a redescription), Barbitistes ocskayi , Platycleis nigrosignata, Chorthippus vagans dissimilis and Chorthippus oschei.

Furthermore the list is cleaned up by omitting 15 species and one subspecies. This results in a total of 213 species for Bulgaria.


Source: Chobanov, D. 2009. New records and a new synonym of Orthoptera from Bulgaria. Articulata 24: 79-108.