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Peripodisma llofizii

Michèle Lemmonier-Darcemont

Isophya bucovinensis, a new bush-cricket from Romania

Roy Kleukers - 20 June 2017
Isophya bucovinensis, female and male
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In a recent volume of Zookeys a new species of Isophya is described from the Eastern Carpathians in Romania: I. bucovinensis. This is a cryptic species of the camptoxypha group, morphologically closely resembling the recently described I. nagyi. The new species can be recognised by the song. Based on the current knowledge the species should be included on the IUCN red list as Endangered. A key to the songs of the camptoxypha group is presented.


Iorgu, I.S., E.I. Iorgu, G. Szövényi, K.M. Orci 2017. A new, morphologically cryptic bush-cricket discovered on the basis of its song in the Carpathian Mountains (Insecta, Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae). ZooKeys 680: 57-72.