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Macedonian Walking Bush-cricket
Psorodonotus fieberi macedonicus

Michéle Lemonnier-Darcemont

Grasshoppers of Vienna

Roy Kleukers - 5 August 2020
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Grasshoppers are becoming more and more popular. Now almost every European country has its own handbook, atlas or field guide, even popular publications on cities are becoming available. In June 2020 a book on the Orthoptera fauna of Vienna was published. It covers the 85 species identified in the Austrian capital (and Mantis religiosa) in richly illustrated species chapters and includes a red list of Viennese grasshoppers and crickets, orthopterological tours through the city, QR-codes for the voices of selected common species, a checklist and much more. The book is written in German and contains an English summary. Orders can be placed at, the price is € 29,- (+ postage and shipping).


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