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Macedonian Walking Bush-cricket
Psorodonotus fieberi macedonicus

Michéle Lemonnier-Darcemont

Expansion Asian cave crickets in US

Roy Kleukers - 5 November 2014
Putative D. japanica. Photo Kathryn Kinney.
/ Photo:

A citizen science project revealed that Diestramenna asynamora is much more common in the central and eastern parts of the US than previously known. The species is native to China and/or Japan, where it lives in caves, but has found artificial cave habitat all over the world. It also occurs in Europe, in greenhouses, zoos and private houses. Interestingly, the survey yielded another species of Diestramenna, probably D. japanica. It would be worthwile to check European localities for this species. 


Source: M.J. Epps, H.L. menninger, N. LaSala & R.R. Dunn 2014. Too big to be noticed: cryptic invasion of Asian camel crickets in North American houses. 2:e523