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Curve-tailed Plump Bush-cricket
Isophya camptoxypha

Ionut Iorgu

The European Saga

Roy Kleukers - 24 April 2016
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This new book focusses on probably the most appealing Orthoptera group in Europe: the Saginae. In Europe six species of these enormous spiny predators occur: Saga pedo, campbelli, rammei, hellenica, notaliae and rhodiensis. All information on recognition, biology, ecology, bioacoustics and distribution is summarised.


Lemonnier-Darcemont, M.,C. Darcemont, K.G. Heller, A.M. Dutrillaux & B. Dutrillaux 2016. Saginae of Europe: Classification, biology, genetics, acoustics, ethology, threats. GEEM, Marseille. 208 pp.

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