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Canarian Crested Grasshopper
Dericorys lobata

José Correas

Dolichopoda bakolitsas, a new cave-cricket from western Greece

Roy Kleukers - 29 September 2017
Shape of tergite X of male Dolichopoda bakolitsas
/ Photo:

In a cave in Mount Thiamon in Aetolia-Acarnania (Western Greece) a new species of cave-cricket was discovered. Dolichopoda bakolitsasi is related to D. giachinoi and other southern Ionian species. The difference is found in the shape of the male tenth tergite. Remarkably the new species seems not to be related to D. lustriae, which lives close by.


Di Russo, C., S. Alexiou & M. Rampini 2017. A new species of Dolichopoda (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae; Dolichopodainae) from Western Greece. Zootaxa 4290: 380-384.