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Transylvanian Plump Grasshopper
Podismopis transsylvanica

Ionut Iorgu

Cold case Platycleis kraussi resolved

Roy Kleukers - 29 July 2015
Bicolorana kraussi, male. Foto N. Tvrtković
/ Photo:

The case of Platycleis kraussi is resolved. The species was described by Padewieth in 1900. The type series was lost and the species was not recorded after the description. Croatian researchers found a population in 2013 near the type locality. This made a comparison with related taxa possible. Platycleis kraussi proved to be conspecific with Bicolorana kuntzeni (Ramme, 1931). The current name for this taxon is Bicolorana kraussi. The authors furthermore established that Vichetia helleri is a synonym of Bicolorana bicolor.


Skejo, J. F. Rebrina, N. Tvrtković, S. Gomboc & K.-G. Heller & 2015. More than a century old Platycleis Kraussi case finally resolved (Tettigoniidae: Platycleidini). Zootaxa 3990 (4): 497-524.