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Basque Wide-winged Bush-Cricket
Zeuneriana abbreviata

Miguel Ángel Domingo

Classification of Palaearctic Platycleidini

Roy Kleukers - 9 July 2011
Platycleis (Montana) stricta. Photo Anton Koschuh.
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In this study 33 supraspecific taxa of Palaearctic Platycleidini with unarmed prosternum are described. In contrast to most recent specialists, the authors propose to elevate all subgenera, such as Tessellana, Montana, Modestana and Bicolorana , to the genus level. Furthermore they erect Sardoplatycleis for Platycleis galvagnii from Sardinia and Amedegnatiana for Parnassiana vicheti from mediterranean France. Two new species are described: Platycleis buzzettii from Iran and Squamiana bressani from Uzbekistan.


Source: B. Massa & P. Fontana 2011. Supraspecific taxonomy of Palaearctic Platycleidini with unarmed prosternum: a morphological approach (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae, Tettigoniinae). Zootaxa 2837: 1-47.