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Transylvanian Plump Grasshopper
Podismopis transsylvanica

Ionut Iorgu

Automated acoustic monitoring

Roy Kleukers - 20 October 2014
Traditional acoustic studies can be supplemented by automated acoustic monitoring. 
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Acoustic emisions are crucial in the live of grasshoppers, as the females choose their mates based on the male song. Researchers use the songs to recognize the different species. A rather new development is the automated monitoring of Orthoptera. By using recorders in the field, this yields new insights in the distribution of biodiversity patterns and enables new ways of detecting changes in the communities. In this study experiments on acoustic monitoring on Hymettos mountain (Greece) have been performed and recommendations are done for further studies.


Source: G.U.C. Lehmann, K.-H. Frommolt, A.W. Lehmann & K. Riede 2014. Baseline data for automated acoustic monitoring of Orthoptera in a mediterranean landscape, the Hymettos, Greece. Journal of Insect Conservation 18: 909-925.…