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Curve-tailed Plump Bush-cricket
Isophya camptoxypha

Ionut Iorgu

Aeropedellus variegatus new to Austria

Roy Kleukers - 14 November 2011
Aeropedellus variegatus, male. 7-viii-2010, Schönjöchl (Austria). Photo Frank Dziock.
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In 2010 research at Nordtirol yielded the first population of Aeropedellus variegates in Austria. The species was found at Schönjöchl at a height of 2450 m. This is an important new record for this boreo-alpine species.


Source: Dziock, F. 2011. Aeropedellus variegatus und weitere Heuschreckenfunde (Orthoptera, Ensifera & Caelifera) aus Nordtirol (Österreich). Articulata 26: 43-50.