foto: © Paul van Hoof


Rhacocleis andikithirensis, male

New from Greece: Rhacocleis andikithirensis

22 July 2016 • Roy Kleukers

On the islet of Andikithira a new species of the genus Rhacocleis was discovered: R. andikithirensis . Later it was discovered on other islands in western Cyclades. The morphology and…

Gryllotalpa stepposa in Romania, Hungary and Serbia

19 July 2016 • Roy Kleukers

Gryllotalpa species are notoriously difficult to identify. Research on Gryllotalpa stepposa revealed that this species has a wider distribution on the Balkan than previously thought. It is mentioned for the…

The finding of Tetrix bipunctata in Alvao NP is only the second confirmed record of this species on the Iberian Peninsula.

Six new species to Portugal

28 June 2016 • Roy Kleukers

Recent research has yielded six species of Orthoptera new to the Portuguese fauna: Cyrtaspis tuberculata , Natula averni, Oecanthus dulcisonans, Pteronemobius heydenii, Tetrix bipunctata and Stenobothrus grammicus . Furthermore the…

The European Saga

24 April 2016 • Roy Kleukers

This new book focusses on probably the most appealing Orthoptera group in Europe: the Saginae. In Europe six species of these enormous spiny predators occur: Saga pedo, campbelli, rammei, hellenica,…

Participants of the first European Meeting on Orthoptera Conservation. 

First European Congress on Orthoptera Conservation

21 March 2016 • Roy Kleukers

The First European Congress on Orthoptera Conservation was held in Trier (Germany) from March 18-20, 2016 . There were about 20 lectures, with a titilating key note talk on sexual…