Grasshoppers of Europe

Dented groundhopper Tetrix depressa

Photo: Ruben Foquet

Lluciapomaresius nisae spec. nov.

Roy Kleukers - 21 January 2017
Lluciapomaresius nisae. Photo J.M. Olmo-Vidal.

Lluciapomaresius nisae is described from the Serra de Llaberia in Catalonia. The new species is similar to L. panteli from which it can be separated by the shape of the male cerci, the titillators and the song. Furthermore the shape of the ovipositor differs.


Olmo-Vidal, J.M. 2017. Lluciapomaresius nisae, a new species of Ephippigerini (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Bradyporinae) from the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula. Zootaxa 4221 (1): 123–130.